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Changing lives through pilgrimage...

Pilgrimage holidays to Lourdes for children, young people and adults with social, emotional, and physical needs

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Every year, HCPT organise trips to Lourdes for over 7000 individuals. Everyone is welcome to join in, whatever their age, ability or faith.


Our Easter pilgrimage for young people is an action packed week filled with fun and laughter. It can also provide a well earned week of respite for carers back home. Across the HCPT charity, we take  2000 children with social, emotional, and physical needs to Lourdes. Young people are supported by volunteer helpers, who provide one-to-one care and friendship throughout the week in Lourdes.


Children travel in family groups. Our volunteers actively raise the money through the year to cover all the costs of taking the children to Lourdes. This means we can offer children a free week's holiday, with full care, at no cost.


Our accessible accommodation at Hosanna House hosts about 50 HCPT groups every year. Each group takes between 40 and 50 people, and we make no formal distinction between those who are there to help and those who need help. Every member of a Hosanna House Group has an equal role to play - with the same form to complete and same fare to pay. Some Groups arrange fundraising to help cover the costs where help is required. In the Manchester Region, our Hosanna House Group is Group 544.


Our work relies on year round fundraising, involving local HCPT Groups (ours being the Manchester Region), and a wider network of supporters. Many of our donors and supporters have themselves experienced a HCPT pilgrimage, and are committed to giving others the same unforgettable experience.













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